Frequently Asked Questions

Can i install Plantation Shutters myself?

We believe if you know how to use a drill and a screw driver you are capable. We have a very comprehensive guide for different types of Plantation Shutters. Please read through the installation guides and if you require any assistance do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

How much do Plantation Shutters cost?

Average Australian Dollar costs for our Basswood Timber or PVC Plantation Shutters is $235 per square meter. Average Australian Dollar costs for Aluminium Plantation Shutters is $300 per square meter. There is a minimum charge of half a square meter in each range. Average costs in Australia for installed Plantation Shutters is $365 per square meter.

How long does it take to Install Plantation Shutters?

For first timers allow 1 hour per window/opening for small to average sized Plantation Shutters. For larger windows/openings over 2.5m wide approximately 1.5 hours each. We include unpacking boxes the shutters are shipped in and removal of any waste in our estimates.

Are Plantation Shutters worth it?

Plantation Shutters that are made to your measurements are completely custom built. Every piece is hand cut, fixed together, painted, packaged up and sent. There are many components required to build shutters including frame profiles, stile profiles,  louvers, shutter pins, magnets, tilt rods and hinges. There is a lot of work and hours required to fabricate and produce the end product. The result of made to measure Plantation Shutters is a perfect fitting window furnishing for one of your biggest assets. DIY Plantation Shutters are even more so worth it as you are knocking out the associated costs of a bricks and mortar retail store and installer.

Do Plantation Shutters add value?

Plantation Shutters look great in any situation. Their durability and ongoing popularity make them a wise investment choice when considering upgrading or improving your home. When you sell or buy a home the Plantation Shutters are part of the house, this increases the value of the property.

Are Plantation Shutters 100% light blockout?

No, Plantation Shutters do not block out the most light compared to some other window furnishings like block out curtains or roller blinds mounted on the architraves, when closed there are small amounts of light leakage between each louver and between the frames and panels.