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July 26, 2020
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April 2, 2021
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PVC Plantation Shutters (Australian Made)


$335 per square metre for our Australian made PVC Plantation Shutters!!! That’s right made right here in Melbourne.

SHIPPING/Delivery:  Order dispatch times are currently 20 business days (Updated 24/02/24) from order confirmation (Factory in Melbourne: Interstate customers allow a further week). Updates are sent out via email and SMS (If selected at checkout) throughout order.

Order options:

Width from left to right of opening. Do not make any dedutions supply smallest width. Tip: check if opening is square.

Height from top to bottom of opening. Do not make any dedutions supply smallest. Tip: check if opening is square.

You will be asked to enter one if height over 1600mm. A divider rail is used to increase the structural integrity of the panels. Some windows have a frame or a window winder you may be able to line the divider rail up with. Please provide the height of the divider rail from the bottom to where you wish the centre of the divider to be (Divider is roughly 75mm in height).

We stock our most popular white only (Matched very close to Dulux paint “Vivid White 1W”). If you would like a sample please send us an email or fill out our contact us form and we will send you a colour sample.

This is the depth/width of the blade. The only blade size available in our Australian made Plantation Shutters is the most common 89mm.

Hidden tilt rod is the only option available for our Australian made Plantation Shutters. The hidden tilt rod is concealed at the rear of the shutter on the same side as the hinges.

Hang strip has L shapped hinges that fix to reveal behind shutter panel, U channel (panels are fixed within the top/bottom channels), L Frame In (Small L Frame) and L Frame Out (Medium L Frame) are 2x different depth frames, (in is 47mm deep and out is 67mm deep). Z frame is like an L frame with a 19mm lip (Helps conceal out of square windows), direct mount uses non mortised hinges that fix directly to reveal (We will make deductions for panel/s)

This is how you would like your shutters to hinge/swing. If you only want a single panel for example a small window you would select L (Left hinge) or R (Right hinge). T posts or double hinges (bi fold without track) can be used if you would like more than two panels within the one frame.

Used to identify the box’s when they arrive (You may only order 1 shutter although when you order multiple shutters this is very handy!). Examples, Master Bedroom 1, Living 1, Front Living 2, Main Bath 1, Ensuite 1 etc


Our Australian made Plantation  Shutters are your first choice if you’re looking for high quality, free of maintenance visually appealing PVC Plantation shutters.

Strong, sturdy and durable, these premium PVC shutters are manufactured in Melbourne.

That’s right made right here in Melbourne at $335 per square metre for standard installations and $350 per square metre for Z frame Installations.

Benefits of PVC Shutters

Made with an aluminuim core, PVC shutters are very strong and durable.  The material is moisture resistant and will stand up to the harshest Australian weather conditions. They are an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. In addition, The insulation properties of PVC shutters enable you to control light and heat entering your building – giving you more control over power bills and air conditioning costs.

As well as being a great practical choice, PVC plantation shutters lose nothing aesthetically.

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