DIY Custom Made Roller Blinds

Every single one of our roller blinds is custom made to your measurements right here in Melbourne. All of our roller blinds are laser cut and assembled in a state of the art factory. Low budget blinds will be hard to keep clean, crease easily and are cut with blades that will cause the edges to fray overtime.

How much do our roller blinds cost? Our complete range and pricing is all on this page. Use the measurement sliders for pricing for your specific requirements. Lead times for our roller blinds are approximately 1 week.

Order Online Direct

We have simplified the ordering process to give you the best online experience. Just below this text you can select single roller blind or dual roller blinds. We have three ranges , Standard, Premium and Deluxe. Our three ranges come in block out and Light Filter or Screen’s. At the bottom of this page is our complete range of Fabrics. We have over 200 fabrics. Our goal is to cater for everyone’s taste , every application and for you to keep the product consistent throughout.DIY Plantation Shutters

Fabric Types

Blockout Fabric

Darkest possible

Screen Fabric

See through in daylight like a curtain sheer

Light Filter Fabric

Allows natural light flow with complete privacy

Fabric collections

Solitaire Blockout
Focus Blockout
Kew Blockout
One Blockout
One Screen
Metroshade Light Filter
Tusk Light Filter
Sanctuary Blockout
Metroshade Blockout
Riviera Blockout
Tusk Blockout
Solarview Screen
Vivid Screen
Riviera Light Filter
Jersey Light FIlter
Balmoral Blockout
Serengetti Blockout
Positano Blockout
Serengetti Light Filter