Aluminium Plantation Shutters
March 19, 2018
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Bi Fold (With Track) Plantation Shutters

$299.00 sq m

Sliding Plantation Shutters

Bi fold track shutters are a great product for those large windows (Recommended for openings larger than 2m wide) you just need to have a clear unobstructed view! There are restrictions on the standard double hinged bi fold in the Timber Plantation Shutters range for height and width (Panel config LLRR max width 2400mm), although not with these Bi Fold Track shutters you can have any combination you like and at almost any size!

Our bi fold shutters are guided by a top and bottom track for smooth operation. Can be used as a room divider also. We have had many successful installs as a room divider doorway in a 2x panel configuration less than 1600mm wide with no bottom track.

SHIPPING/Delivery Update 04/03/2021:  Allow 8-10 weeks from order confirmation (Due to covid and international shipping lines we are seeing delays). Updates are sent out via email and SMS (If selected at checkout) throughout order. 

Order options:

See pictures. For Timber we have 6 colours available. We have matched our own 2x white colours with Dulux paint “Vivid White 1W” and “Antique White U.S.A. 16W”. Please visit your local paint outlet for a colour swatch. Colours may vary slightly on different materials. New stain colour range coming soon.

This is how you would like your shutters to fold. We can pretty much do anything here with bi fold supported by tracks. LL would mean 2x panels will bi fold to the left. RR would mean 2x panels will bi fold to the right. We can manufacture almost any arrangement so please add custom notes and we will always confirm

This is the depth/width of the blade. The most common blade is the 89mm, we also have a larger 114mm blade available on request (Phone call confirmation required to discuss security clearances to ensure the blades will not hit any obstacles).

Hidden tilt rod is automatically chosen for any bi fold orders.

Standard bi fold track frames are 100mm deep. We do have a 60mm deep frame available. The bottom frame board has a routed in aluminium track although we can supply aluminium track (20mm wide x 10mm high) only instead of bottom board

Only necessary for shutters over 1600mm in height. A divider rail is used to increase the structural integrity of the panels. Some windows have a frame or a window winder you may be able to line the divider rail up with. Please provide the height of the divider rail from the bottom to where you wish the centre of the divider to be (Divider is roughly 75mm in height).

If you are mounting your shutters inside the window frame choose inside mount. If the shutters are to be mounted outside the window frame select outside mount. This option ensures we cut the pelmet that covers the top tracks for inside mounted shutters and provide brackets for outside mounted shutters. We supply pelmets with 45 degree cuts for the side of the frame for outside mounted shutters.

Height from top to bottom of opening. Tolerances are +- 2mm. We make standard deductions of 4mm for inside mount shutters so please allow for this. Tip: check if opening is square.

Width from left to right of opening. Tolerances are +- 2mm. We make standard deductions of 4mm for inside mount shutters so please allow for this. Tip: check if opening is square.

Used to identify the box’s when they arrive (You may only order 1 shutter although when you order multiple shutters this is very handy!). Examples, Master Bedroom 1, Living 1, Front Living 2, Main Bath 1, Ensuite 1 etc

Total Area (sq m)
Product Price

Shutter Name

Used to easily identify your shutters when they arrive.

Shutter Notes

Add any customisation or order notes here.


DIY Bi-Fold plantation shutters are a great product for those large windows you just need to have a clear unobstructed view!

DIY Bi-Fold Plantation shutters can be the perfect solution for the following areas-:

  • Wide window areas where normal plantation shutters are not practical due to weight issues. Bi-fold shutters on a rail will eliminate the weight problem and maintain the strong appearance that plantation shutters offer.
  • Suitable for Bay Window areas – particularly the middle window area.
  • Wide door areas- can be fitted with suitably tall bi-fold shutters. This is perfect for entrances to patios and the like.
  • Make excellent Room dividers

As well as being the ideal solution in the above scenarios  DIY Bi-Fold plantation shutters are easy to clean and will last for many years.


Weight 1 kg

Basswood Timber, PVC


Dulux Vivid White, Dulux Antique White U.S.A., Black, Mahogan, Antique Walnut, Maple, Aged Teak

Panel layout

LL (2x panel bi fold left), RR (2x panel bi fold right), LLRR, LLLL, LLLRRR, LLLLLL, RRRRRR, Custom (Add notes)

Louver Size

47mm wide, 64mm wide, 89mm wide, 114mm wide

Divider Rail

Centre, None (Under 1600mm high), Custom Height (Measure from bottom)

Mount type

Inside, Outside

Frame options

100mm 4x sided, 60mm 4x sided, 100mm surface mount bottom track, 60mm surface mount bottom track