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April 19, 2020
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July 26, 2020
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Timber Plantation Shutters


Pay only 50% now and balance in 6 weeks. $255 per square meter and $260 for stain colours and Z frame design

Australia’s most popular shutter. Our Basswood Timber shutters are available in 6 colours and a range of design options. Double hinged bi fold LLRR configuration (No top or bottom track) is also available in this range.

For piece of mind we check every order for errors and contact you with any findings.

SHIPPING/Delivery:  Delivery times are usually 7 weeks from order confirmation (During the lead up to Christmas this year delays are expected up to 11 weeks from order). Updates are sent out via email and SMS (If selected at checkout) throughout order. 

Order options:

See pictures. For Timber we have 6 colours available. We have matched our own 2x white colours with Dulux paint “Vivid White 1W” and “Antique White U.S.A. 16W”. Please visit your local paint outlet for a colour swatch. Colours may vary slightly on different materials. New stain colour range coming soon.

This is how you would like your shutters to hinge/swing. If you only want a single panel for example a small window you would select L (Left hinge) or R (Right hinge). T posts or double hinges (bi fold without track) can be used if you would like more than two panels within the one frame.

This is the depth/width of the blade. The most common blade is the 89mm, we also have a larger 114mm blade available on request (Phone call confirmation required to discuss security clearances to ensure the blades will not hit any obstacles).

Traditionally a centre mounted tilt rod is used. The tilt rod sits on the front of the shutters in the centre to move the blades together. For a cleaner more modern look a hidden tilt rod (tilt bar) is used. The hidden tilt rod is concealed at the rear of the shutter on the same side as the hinges. Hidden tilt rod is automatically chosen for any bi fold orders.

Think of this like a picture frame only the shutter panels are the picture. No Frame (Hang strip) Our favourite style for inside mount shutters. Hang strip design means the shutter panels will meet your window frames and architraves allowing an extra 42mm+ height and width of light through, if you already have architraves you do not necessarily need the extra detail of an L frame. See how to install guide for more detail on the hang strip style. Small L-Rebate, has a small rebate that follows around the entire frame, due to its sleek size this is the most common used when mounting inside the window frames. Medium L-Rebate is slightly larger, commonly used when mounting to the outside of your architraves where clearances for blade tilting could be an issue. Fixed U Channel is a top and bottom channeled guide for your shutters to tuck under the top channel and sit in bottom channel. The blades can open as normal although the panel does not hinge it is fixed inside the channel. The panels can be removed easily by lifting upward and over the bottom U. These work great as room dividers for the same look on both sides or areas were panels cannot be hinged. Z Frame, most commonly used if you do not have any architraves for your opening. Most common in bathrooms, your tiler can tile up to the window instead of using architraves and your plantation shutters with a Z frame can be installed directly over the tiled edge.

Only necessary for shutters over 1600mm in height. A divider rail is used to increase the structural integrity of the panels. Some windows have a frame or a window winder you may be able to line the divider rail up with. Please provide the height of the divider rail from the bottom to where you wish the centre of the divider to be (Divider is roughly 75mm in height).

See image. If you are mounting your shutters inside the window frame choose inside mount. If the shutters are to be mounted outside the window frame select outside mount. This option ensures we only make standard height and width deductions of 3mm for inside mount shutters.

Height from top to bottom of opening. Do not make any dedutions supply smallest. Tip: check if opening is square.

Width from left to right of opening. Do not make any dedutions supply smallest width. Tip: check if opening is square.

Used to identify the box’s when they arrive (You may only order 1 shutter although when you order multiple shutters this is very handy!). Examples, Master Bedroom 1, Living 1, Front Living 2, Main Bath 1, Ensuite 1 etc

Choose your options and enter measurements below


Timber plantation shutters look great in any situation.

However, their timeless appeal is based upon more than just their attractive visual appearance.

Timber plantation shutters are versatile and suitable for a variety of situations from traditional to modern settings.  Their durability and ongoing popularity make them a wise investment choice when considering upgrading or improving your home.

Our high-quality Basswood timber shutters are  built to last and offer excellent UV protection, insulation and light control.

Our Basswood timber plantation shutters are built to last.

When installed properly, they should outlast the life of your home.  Unlike many other window covering options, they are a permanent addition to your home and  should not need to be replaced in the future.

Regular price is $265 per square metre.

Our Basswood timber plantation shutters are Australia’s most popular shutter.  They are available in 6 colours and a range of design options. Double hinged bi-fold (No top or bottom track) shutters are also available in this range.


Iris Tan-Szarlat
Iris Tan-Szarlat
02:00 09 Jun 20
We highly recommend DIY Plantation Shutters. The shutters came as expected. We are now purchasing for the rest of our house. Thank you Richard for your amazing customer service! 🙂
Cassie Reid
Cassie Reid
00:33 09 Sep 19
Richard has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and responds to queries in a timely manner. He has made the whole ordering and installing process a breeze always willing to help. Quality of the shutters are amazing and we are overwhelmed with our purchase and highly recommend purchasing from DIY Plantation Shutters
Mary Palmier
Mary Palmier
10:10 08 May 19
If you are thinking of getting shutters I highly recommend DIY plantation shutters . We were quoted more than twice the price elsewhere and not only did we save an absolute fortune, but they are amazing quality and the customer service we received from Richard was exceptional. Very happy!
James Cunningham
James Cunningham
07:03 08 Apr 19
Purchased a shutter approximately 1 month ago, it was so easy to install, and looks great. We were so impressed with the shutter, that we are now purchasing more to do the rest of our rooms.
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