How to install hang strip style shutters (No frame)


For each order you will receive accessories required to install your shutters including touch up paint. This bag can be found in your first shutter frame box.

1 – Remove screw covers

Carefully remove screw covers starting from one end and slowly working to the opposite end.

2 – Pilot and countersink

Pre drill holes in your hang strips and countersink. Here we show a pilot hole and countersink bit. You can still achieve the same results with a small and large drill bit independently.

3 – Fix hinged side strip first (Top)

Fix hinged side first. Using a straight edge align the face of the hinge with the face of your architrave and fix top of hang strip first.

4 – Fix hinged side strip first (Bottom)

We like to kick the bottom of the hang strip out 2mm to help the shutter stay open when hinged back to wall. Using a straight edge, place directly under bottom hinge and bring hinge out 2mm and fix off bottom and any remaining fix points.

5 – Fix opposite side strip (Single panel install)

Take measurements of hinged hang strip to assist with opposite side installation and proceed.

6 – Hang panel/s

Remove the hinge pins and install panels. You may need to adjust panels up, down or fine tune angle to avoid catching on window reveals.

For up/down adjustment use hinge screws attached to inside edge of panels

For angle adjustment use screws holding L shaped hinge to hang strips and or plastic hinge spacers supplied in accessories bag.

7 – Fix light blockers (Single panel install)

Install screw covers to left and right hang strips, take a measurement of distance between hang strips and cut top and bottom light blockers accordingly. Pre drill and fix to window frame. We do supply plastic screw caps although if you do not have the same size drill bit cabinet screw cap stickers work well also available at local hardware store.

8 – Fix light blockers (Single panel install)

Additional step over single panel install is to install magnet strike plates. An easy way to find the location is to attach to your panel with the screw inside and close panel making a mark on the light blocker.

Congratulations you are done

Now to get rid of all that rubbish 🙂

Most tips/transfer stations take cardboard for free. Plastic is recyclable so please separate from polystyrene and recycle.

This is a Guide only and is intended to provide general information. Users of this Guide who are not familiar with any terms or have abnormal opening sizes (Out of square) are encouraged to seek a registered tradesman